Mexicaba is the result of a collaboration with Christian Louboutin, and the artisans of Taller Maya, a business network that is part of the social entrepreneurship program of Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya, an organization dedicated to promoting the social capital of rural communities, in the Yucatan peninsula. to develop sustainable growth.

Protected by Ixchel, goddess of love, fertility and weavers, the artisans of Campeche preserve the heritage of the Mayan culture with woven fabrics that reflect their tradition, feelings and love for their culture.

The "Mexicaba" bag collection represents 4 months of artisan work by the artisans who collaborate with Taller Maya, including artisans from other communities who added their talent and effort to make the total production of pieces possible.

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For Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya and Taller Maya, each bag delivered was a successful challenge that required support, empathy, effort and trust between the team and the artisans, to achieve the quality expected by Christian Louboutin and his staff.

2000 bags, more than 150 artisans from the Yucatan peninsula, 3 months of work and a common goal.

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