Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya works with rural communities, from the Yucatan Peninsula, in the creation of social and economic development opportunities through community self-management and the promotion of community participation.
Being aware of the great heritage of Mayan culture in artisanal mastery, FHMM created entrepreneurial programs that helped artisans by giving them the basic tolos, and training to ensure a sustainable income from using their knowledge and preserving their traditions.
The amazing talent of the artisans and their partnership with FHMM, evolved to what Taller Maya is today.
We operate under the principles of the World Fair Trade Organization, which promotes fair trade and states equitable and healthy work conditions for the artisans.

"We come from an endless mission to help Mayan communities, develop their social capital and improve their living conditions."

For more information visit the website of the Haciendas del Mundo Maya Foundation.

Today we partner with more than 200 artisans , from 40 communities in the Yucatan peninsula.


New generations are getting involved, more craft groups are emerging and the story will continue ...

Some communities that collaborate with Taller Maya.


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