Visión y Tradición

Every year Design Week Mexico presents the result of one of its programs: Vision and Tradition. These are residences that seek to link artisans and designers to collaborate and create different collections together.

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This year, two states were invited: Yucatan and Guerrero (more precisely, Taxco). And, as a guest country, Cuba attended with 6 designers who started a new intercultural dialogue with Mexican designers and artisans. In Yucatan, the relationship with artisans was managed through the Haciendas del Mundo Maya Foundation, who served as manager and communication bridge between designers and artisans.

In Yucatan, designers were distributed in different communities working with eight different techniques: waist loom with henequen and Jipi japa in Granada (with invited artisans from Tankuché); stone in Ohcil (with guest artisan from Calakmul); henequen sewn in Xcanchakán; filigree in Santa Rosa; horn carving (with a guest craftswoman from Itzincab); and hammock in Yaxunah (with a guest craftswoman from Santa Rosa).

The deployment of the Foundation team allowed designers to enter to work with these techniques in different areas of Yucatan. Joel Escalona, Xavi Lorand, Michelle Galindo, Terben Pinsón and Verónica González participated. Along with the talent of Cuban designers such as Carilyn de la Vega, Rafael Estopiñales, Sandra de Huelbes, Adrián García and Ángel Fornaris.

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